Ekayan Healthcare is an Indian homeopathic manifesto dedicated to the art of harmless healing. Offering treatments locally as well as internationally in both physical and online mode, the platform has a high record of success in treating patients with therapy and medicine based on homeopathic repertory.

What we do?

We are compassionate and caring when treating or counselling patients ensuring them best and safe medication.



Developing Homeopathic treatment plans for patients with chronic conditions including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and other problems with internal systems.


Carrying Out Treatment

Providing care, Homeopathic treatment, and advice for acute health conditions for patients in the family practice setting including infections, injuries, and illnesses.

Psychological Therapy

We provide psychological therapy to the patients
that elevates well being
and speeds up the healing process by controlling
the troubling symptoms.

Diet Chart

We provide suitable diet chart according to the situation and condition of the patient.


We offer treatment based on totality of symptoms and in accordance with classical homeopathy.



Chronic Cases

Dermatological Cases

Incurable Cases

Joints Pain

Paediatric Cases


Systemic Diseases

Patient Testimonials

Our patients’ honest words upon their receipt of Homeopathic treatment at Ekayan Healthcare along with the elucidative case photos of patients treated and documented under our hospitality.

I was suffering from insomnia for many years. I consulted Dr. Shikha Ji and she gave me homeopathy treatment along with some guidelines. I recovered and I am completely satisfied with her way of treatment. Thanks.
Hsingh Mann
London UK
She is service-oriented ·and extremely passionate about healthcare concerns in the society. I wish her the best in her endeavors ahead.
Sr. Commanding Officer
Undoubtedly..one of the most genuine, humble n Incredible doctor I have ever come across..diagnoses the illness to the core n has the most effective solution on her finger tips.
Mrs Savita Rajay

Effective treatment to the patients to

restore them to their best being in as

short time as possible.

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